Monday, March 14, 2022

First & Lasts The Changing Season by Leda Schubert

Firsts & Lasts The Changing Seasons by Leda Schubert and Illustrated by Clover Robin was the best book to read following the spring forward weekend. I always feel like this is the first step to welcome spring. 

There is a section for each season in the book celebrating the joys they bring. I was surprised to read each one starting with four examples of the last time followed with four examples of the first time. What a clever way to think of the seasons!

Here's a couple of examples.

"the last time we hear "Snow day!" on the news,"

"And it's also - the first time we see new grass,"

There are moments in seasons where what was exciting at the beginning of one because exciting at the end because they won't happen any more. I'm thinking this could be a mentor text for writing with the pattern of last and first. Maybe it could help students process transitions. When I finished reading it, in class today a student was excited to share it's a circular story. I also think the last and first structure could be used in a poem.

Clover Robin used cut paper to show such detailed images. I need to learn more about her process.

        Thank you Candlewick Press for this sneak peak. Just published March 2022.


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