Thursday, May 25, 2023

the Circles All Around Us by Brand Montague {Mental Wellness}

the Circles All Around Us by Brad Montague is all about connections. The story begins with child drawing a circle with child around themselves. While this circle is safe it can also be lonely. We follow the child expand their circle to include family, extended family, and then friends. Our circles change depending on where we are and sometimes our circles of connections and bring discomfort. As our circles grow so does our caring. The ending of this story is reminder about caring for ourselves while maintaining these circles of connections.

Navigating people can be hard when someone is working on their mental wellness and yet connections have been proven to be necessary to help our mental health. This book reminds us connections are needed and our circles can change, grow, and shift.

My bibliotherapy moment - shifted from the first time I read this book.

First read - "So let us create bigger circles all around us for the rest of our days."

Second read - "It doesn't mean the circle is easy. It can get harder the more we share."

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