Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Slice of Life - My Dress

My dress was picked out two nights ago.  Something black, white polka dots, and little strips of the same fabric sewn near the bottom in the shape of flowers.  A new dress I thought would scream fun summer event, seemed very appropriate for my dear friend's funeral.  

Funerals are a celebration of life and my grandmother's words guided me today, "Funerals are beautiful, I like funerals now."  She went on to further explain, "I get to see people I haven't seen in a very long time and people are willing to visit and tell stories."  Her words kept me grounded quite often throughout the mass because it was beautiful.  

I took time today to sit.  I took time today to listen.  I took time today to reflect.  Sometimes the beautiful is hard but my little new dress with a little spunk reminded me to carry on, life is fun, and it made me smile.  Sometimes wearing the right thing can get you through the hard stuff and today it was my black and white polka dotted dress.  Now I need to find that fun summer event to wear it to.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Math Monday - Elapsed Time Saved Me

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I can't wait to see my students today and hear all about their time away as we return from spring break.  I have my own story to share and it's all about elapsed time...

It's only 4.5 minutes of my life!  It will have moments where it stops.  If you are NOT a fan of roller coasters you can get through this ride.  This was all the important information I gathered from my guide book for Universal Studios.  In particular the ride - Escape from Gringotts.  The experience leading up to the actual ride was a must to see - so I decided to be brave.

The scenes Leading up the actual ride was worth every minute of the ride.  What actually happened when I was on the ride - white knuckles, closed eyes, opened eyes at pauses to see images from Harry Potter, shaking legs, shaking arms, and I'd like to think of it as meditation but I kept repeating it's only 4.5 minutes of my life!

Later on the next day - my trusty guide book called Flight of Hippogriff a junior roller coaster and it was only to be 1 minute of my life.  It didn't look too bad.  There weren't any major dips and 1 minute is a quarter-ish of the ride Escape from Gringotts Bank, I can do this.  Let's just say, I gripped the lap/lock you in bar tightly and closed my eyes the whole way!  There's a reason I hadn't been on a roller coaster for 29 years.

I found myself very thankful for having to teach students how to tell time, especially elapsed time.  I think it's very important to share and show how we use math in our own lives.  I'd love to know if you have any interesting stories to share about math as a part of your life.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Slice of Life - Take Care of Yourself

I've been trying to plan this slice all day and wanted to write about something else but this is what my mind is preoccupied with.  My dear friend entered my life three years ago and has made me a better person.  She transferred to our building and was the new teacher at the end of the hallway, teaching first grade.  

I don't know what brought us together but eventually passing in the hallway we started up small talk and it quickly grew to lots of talk - personally and professionally.  She was planning her wedding and so kindly asked if she could invite me but didn't want to make me feel awkward because we were new friends.  During our short time together, our friendship grew and we talked daily.  We would try to squeeze in lunch together during our busy days, where we would try to solve all things education or plot another professional book to read, or our list of technology we would learn and work through together.  I've never really worked with anyone who reads as much as I do and anytime I would ask, have you read - she probably had.  

This year we each moved classrooms and she was my neighbor, I thought I had struck gold!  Each day we would chat about teaching and life.  She would also offer such sound advice and guidance.  I could text her at 11pm and know she would answer and have a thought about my newest ramblings and ideas for second grade.  We shared a common philosophy about many things.

She had been working a lot lately, it seemed a bit more than usual.  She came to work last week two days because we have a sub shortage and no one picked up her jobs.  Luckily, one staff member could cover at the end of the day and it got her to the doctor to find out she had flu B.  On Friday, she came in to set up her class with other first grade teachers to go home and rest.  Today I learned, her cold got worst, she went to the ER yesterday and passed away shortly after with an infection that developed with the cold/fluB.

Friends, please take care of yourself.  School can wait.  Papers can wait.  Students can wait.  My friend was resting and taking care of herself but I wonder if she had started earlier would she have been strong enough to fight this horrible infection and prevented such sadness we are all feeling who knew and loved her.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering and organizing this writing challenge.  I've enjoyed writing and sharing stories with you all.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Slice of Life - Highlight or Crazy Idea

A full day of fun
Crazy idea
After 29 years

Roller coaster!

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering and organizing this writing challenge.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slice of Life - Embrace Again?

I didn't expect embrace, my one little word from last year to surface this year at all.  It was a great fit last year as I embraced all three girls making school building changes, my oldest graduating and going to college and myself changing grade levels.  I guess I thought once we worked out the kinks of having her go to college everything would be smooth sailing.  Nothing in life is smooth sailing, who was I kidding.  

Embrace is very present with me the first few days of spring break.  Our oldest couldn't join us her classes are in session this week.  My middle daughter is nearby but on a trip with her softball team - playing games and team bonding for the upcoming season.  I bet you've caught on, my youngest is our only child with us right now and we are embracing that and learning how to be just 3.  It feels very odd and strange to just be 3 and I want to share with the others what we are doing but not too much to make them feel bad they aren't with us.  However,  I have to admit for the first time in 12 years is kind of fun to focus on her for a long stretch of time.  Since she was born her life and many travels have been to support her older sisters.  It was fun to watch her explore and experience a few things today for the first time.  

Embrace - for 3.5 days and then it will probably switch to adjust when we are just 4 again and then joy because for Easter it will be back to 5.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering and organizing this writing challenge.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Slice of Life - Wordless Almost


Sometimes a change in pace and a new view is just what you need. 

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering and organizing this writing challenge.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Slice of Life - Spring Break Prep

Morning Meeting
Honor and Recognize
Last day 
Spring Break

Each student
Spring Break Plans
Teach Vocabulary

Reading Workshop
Generate Excitement
TBR Piles

Spring.  Clean.  Room.
Organize tubs
Wash tables

Generate Excitement
Do Science
Make it Rain Inside
Sketch Watercycle

They will 
In a Week

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering and organizing this writing challenge.