Monday, March 29, 2010

Nonfiction Monday - Egg to Chicken and More

B and I recently ordered books through her classroom book order and I was not at all disappointed with this nonfiction collection we purchased. It's a series of books about Lifecycles written by Camilla de la Bedoyere, published by QEB Publishing Co, and sold through Scholastic.

This series includes these titles-Egg to Chick, Seed to Sunflower, Tadpole to Frog, Joey to Kangaroo, Pup to Shark, Caterpillar to Butterfly, and Joey to Kangaroo. The entire collection is filled with all of the nonfiction features you would want your children to be using. The photography is fabulous and bright. The Contents, Glossary, and Index have enough "white space" for reader to interact with. I loved this, across from the contents there is a chicken photograph with this caption, "Words in bold are explained in the glossary on page 22." I immediately wanted to go and see what the glossary looked like. The books are easily accessible to all readers. The page heading is large with an amount of text below it summarizing the rest so our youngest readers could read this small amount and understand the page without being overwhelmed with captions, labels, and more text. I can't wait to add these books dispersed among my nonfiction tubs in my classroom library, if B doesn't notice they are gone.
PS - My quick internet searching found each book quite expensive, sorry. Look for them through Scholastic book orders in paperback.
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  1. Our kids' school is looking for new non-fiction books and these look good. I see that Camilla de la Bedoyere has written a lot of nonfiction in addition to this series - thanks for the tip.

  2. What a neat series, thanks for letting us know about it.