Monday, March 28, 2011

Jump, Splash, Swimming

If the title had you thinking I went somewhere warm and lovely with lots of water for spring break, I didn't.  Those words describe another wish, dream or adventure I've been thinking about lately.  I purchased a smartphone!  I'm really trying to advance my own technology skills and a few things happened to lead me on this journey.

One, my husband and daughter are on their second phones since we all went to texting with her first phone.

Two, There are times when I am away from home I wish I could check my email for important things.

Three, I've had phone envy for some time with my blogging friends.

Four, I wanted to be part of the app discussions.

Five, I was still using a PDA to organize my life.

Six, I got a new van without a gps. 
(Gasp, trying to save $ for future college bills.)

Seven, My new van wouldn't bluetooth with my old phone. 
(Isn't that a great marketing strategy between the phone company and car manufacturing.  I can't complain though "we" work for Honda.)

Eight, I need to improve my tech skills.

Nine, I need to become more tech independent and not co-dependent.

Ten, I wanted to be hip!  (and not physically hip-pi-er)

After much debate, thinking, researching.  I never would of thought I would be reading PC World!  Nudging from friends in both the Iphone camp and the Droid camp...I got the Droid X.  I seriously had anxiety just getting started and feeling overwhelmed.  As my highschooler watched and said, "I knew this would happen." I decided on baby steps and to stay focused with learning and purpose.

I started with some of the basic personalizing, the anxiety started to descrease.  I loved entering phone numbers via Google contacts and having it automatically set up on my phone.  I couldn't give up my only email account to switch to Gmail but maybe that will come.  I then got a bit frustrated with setting up my Google calendar but with help I now love it.  My next goal is to enter my snail mail information and more contacts.

However, I did something my husband was urging me to do and I was semi refusing and that was to use it for music as I ran or should I say try to run.  While waiting at soccer practice I downloaded music recommended in Run Like a Mother with success!  Then I got my first app, for free - RunKeeper Pro.  I set it up with my GPS via Google Maps and I loved it!  At every half mile it tells me the running time, distance, and my pace while my music is playing.  It was 35 degrees, I never run outside when it's cold and I was happy.  Just a side note, RunKeeper Pro can keep track of different kinds of exercise besides running.  I think the girls and I will enjoy using it for biking this summer.

I am looking for a to do app to help with my productivity.  If you have any favorite things I should know please share and help me on my journey.  I don't want to start treading water with this adventure.

A big shout out to my patient friends who endured questions, nudging, and encouragement - Cathy, Franki, and Betsy.


  1. Congratulations Mandy!
    I am nudging my hubby now to upgrade to an iphone or droid. The only problem, it will give me phone envy! I have a blackberry now, I LOVED it until the droid, now my love is a like!

  2. When I first read your title I thought this was a new picture book. I figured it was about a duck or penguin hoping to learn to swim but being a bit afraid. The title would really work for a picture book, I think.

    I was interested to read about your new experience with your DroidX. You have me really thinking about RunKeeper (which means I'm really thinking about exercise --- which I rarely do). Will RunKeeper keep track of walking too? That might be the only exercise I can handle. I'm glad you've taken the plunge. I'll look forward to hearing about all the great things you discover with your phone.


  3. Oh now you've made me want to get a new phone...I'll use your points to make my point to the hubster! Thanks!