Tuesday, March 15, 2011


YOU'RE FINALLY HERE! by Melanie Watt is her latest addition of published books with a new character I hope we will read more about.  An oval head with two large eyes with thick straight eyebrows and two short rabbit ears are features to describe this new rabbit.  The facial expressions and eyebrow location are carefully crafted to show emotion, thinking, and frustration.  Rabbit begins the story very excited, quite joyful someone is here.  Then the reader is taken on a question and think aloud journey with this delightful rabbit.  While excited someone is here Rabbit is determined to find out where they were.   We read about things he did while waiting because it took so long.  We read about how bored he gets waiting.   Then he realizes he might need to start over and celebrate they are here.  Only soon to share why is was unfair to keep him waiting and examples of how annoying it was.  It's also rude to make him wait and we read examples of being rude.  The whole time I am reading this I'm question who is he excited to have finally here.  Well we find out only to then watch Rabbit become busy talking on the phone.  This book could foster a lot of life conversations in a fun and humorous way.

I'm uncertain if Rabbit is a he or she, if you figure it out let me know.

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  1. My Kids LOVE Melanie Watts Chester books, I can't wait to share this one! Thanks Mandy!