Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Mouse's Big Secret

Little Mouse's Big Secret by Eric Battut is a delightful new book with charming illustrations done with oil paints.  The organization of the pages are quaint, simple, and allow the reader to focus on the message easily.  The left side of a two page spread has the text in  a smaller font and then the right side of the page holds the illustration both set against a soft cream/yellow background.  Little Mouse finds a delicious treat and keeps it a secret because he hides it.  A series of animal friends come and ask the same question, "What are you hiding?" and Mouse always replies, "It's my secret, and I'll never tell, answered Mouse.  I know my students will love this repetitive phrase turning this text into a shared reading.  My careful young readers will enjoy the illustration on the right as the treat grows behind the Mouse's head without him knowing it.  His secret gets out when the fruit falls to the ground and then Mouse decides his secret his better shared with friends.  Enjoy this great new find.

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