Monday, April 4, 2011

The Diary of a Killer Cat

The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine was a book B picked up for her spring break reading.  B is in second grade and wants to read on her own but her Mama still savors reading together.  She's really grown as a reader this year, as beginning transitional readers do.  She is decoding multisyllable words with more ease.  She wants to read chapter books on her own.  She wants to be read to.  She wants to read like her fifth grade sister and consistently checks out very hard chapter books from the school library, ugh.  So, when we left school for spring break we went directly to the library and shopped for just right books for her.

The Diary of a Killer Cat was one of her picks.  It had many things she was looking for; chapters, a funny title, a title that raised questions instantly, and a layout that seemed manageable for her.  She liked the chapters were named by the days of the week.  I liked that it was a reasonable volume of pages and something she could accomplish easily and feel success in completing a book.

The story is told by Tuffy, a cat's point of view.  Tuffy brings his family a bird and then a mouse in the house.  Both times his family is not thrilled at all with his treasures and they become quite upset.  Things get much worst for Tuffy when he brings in muddy Thumper, the neighbors pet bunny, dead.  Tuffy's family returns Thumper to his cage and not without some funny things happening along the way and the reader discovering what you expect to be true is not.  B really enjoyed this book and it's fun to share an early chapter book with you for a change.

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