Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OLW - just right

In picking OLW - one little word, each year I've found there is a time when something happens and it confirms my word choice.  This year change felt right late one night.  My second daughter is in middle school and has begun the phase of hibernating with a book and reading for long periods of time.  I decided to "visit" her before bed time and read my own book on my Kindle Fire.  However, I wasn't really reading at times.  My mind wandered and I thought this feels right.  We were physically close and it felt good just being next to her.  I reflected to having infants and how comforting it was to just hold them.  It just seemed to bring a deep sense of being.  I also thought, if she will allow me to lay or sit near her and do my own reading then I need to accept this.    It's a change in how we usually spend time but she is going to be making many changes and I will need to change with her.  Then I have to pat myself on the back for these thoughts and confirm I am so much smarter the second time around raising a middle school daughter.  What was your just right moment in selecting your OLW?


  1. You're so right! Raising the second one we learn from our first one! Kind of the same in teaching-we learn from the first new lesson and change it for the next group of students with different needs. Great REFLECTION
    (my OLW).

  2. I posted yesterday about my moment when I finally found my OLW - comfort. It is interesting to me how many found a word, but then experienced a special moment that confirmed the choice. Your moment was indeed Just Right. Having also raised two children, I agree that we get wiser. At first, there is so much invested it seems, and then we relax. Thanks for sharing.