Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OLW - invitation

"A year from now, you will wish you started today."   - Karen Lamb

In my email from Ali Edwards she prompted OLW users to think of their word as an invitation and list what their word is hoping to bring forth.  I created this list;  storytelling, better health, writing, creativity, balance, joy, and worship.  All things that could get really big but remember my changes are to be on the smaller side in life.  Let me explain a bit more.

Storytelling -  I know I am missing stories each day as they happen here with three girls.  I want to be more thoughtful in capturing those.  I enjoy scrapbooking but have not made much time for it in the past and sometimes it seems way too overwhelming to begin.  However, stories don't just  happen at home.  They happen in the classroom and I think it's important for our children to tell and write their own stories.  I also think it's important to share with parents stories of their children.  

Better health  - I've said for a while now I am going to run a 5K.  I practice and increase my stamina.  I get close and then things get in the way.  But I also think better health includes being outside, gardening, and eating.  

Writing - I want to grow more as a writer this year here within my blog and also write more outside this forum.  This may be personal and professionally.  

Creativity - In my classroom and out of my classroom.  I know I am happier when I make things.  I am more happier when my students are making things and they are too.  There is excitement and enthusiasm.  We all should be doing to learn and show learning.  I have several hobbies I want to dabble more in or just make a little bit of time for more consciously.

Balance - I'm hoping with small changes my inner core will feel more balance.  I tend to work a lot, as all teachers do.  However, the poem NOW by Regie Routman is staying with me this year.

Joy - which really could be part of my blog title, Enjoy.  Life gets busy.  I just need to realize I am enjoying everything right now.  My grandmother would often comment and seem to admire how I do all that I do and would advise me this would all end quicker than I think - when things were good and when things may not be so good.

Worship - I attend church once in a while, it does seem to be the one thing I let slide working full time.  However, I do enjoy and feel better inside when I take an hour out of a week to sit and listen to the message being shared.  I just hope to go more.

I hope you might think about what your word is inviting you to do.  Invitations are exciting.  I know it's exciting to gather with others and I'm excited to gather myself around this thinking I've shared with you.  

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  1. It's lovely that you've brought so much into your thoughts just because of one little word. Must make you feel good!