Monday, December 2, 2013



I tried to ignore the tweets and the conversation completely!  I saw @frankisibberson at JoAnn's shopping for crafty goodness and we chatted about the explosion that happened on twitter and this was early in the game.  As I continued to watch and stay away more and more of my friends - new and old were joining.  I felt the air was a changing and the ground was beginning to rumble.  There have been so many posts and declarations that are awe inspiring.  Friends new and old considering things they want to do for themselves.

We have to take care of ourselves to better for others.  Whether that is in the classroom, in your home, within your family, and within your circle of friends.  We've all been touched by changes in education. @iChrisLehman gave a touching observation about his wife at NCTE.  @tonykeefer just wrote today about recent hardships in life and finding hope while readjusting to some normalcy.   After much watching last night, and tweeting I was trying to stay away my phone exploded with tweets back.  @frankisibberson who always offers sound advice said, to do what you WANT to do.  My floor began to rumble more but I went to bed to sleep - thinking more about what I might do and making plans to do them today in case I joined.   You might as well said right then I was in!  I got up and got busy had a good day of PD in my district and ended it with an hour long phone conversation with Clare of @teachersforteachers where #nerdlution came up and she asked if I was joining.  I replied, not sure but have to midnight to join.  


I've been staying up too late working after everyone goes to bed and have been skipping my morning walks with my two dogs, very early.  My first dog, didn't like to walk anymore with old age and I began my days with 18 min of pilates instead of walking, I miss that.  I ran my first 5k last March and really enjoyed it.  My running has been on and off again but I'm close to doing it again, if I can stay focused.

Writing has been on my mind a lot this past fall.  I have dabbled with notebooks for short stints over the years personally and when I stumble upon one I love reading them.  I enjoy writing professionally whether blogging or writing articles.  I have a list of ideas growing and not coming to the page.  It can't be healthy to keep this bottled up.  However, the biggest part of writing that I have missed out on for a long time, is capturing our lives at home.  My oldest is going to college.  Time is slipping away and these first 18 years of parenting have gone really fast.  This past fall @maryleehahn was very thoughtful and offered encouragement and guidance about time which leads to writing.  In looking back over life, some stories are okay to be forgotten but there are stories I wish I had held on to because I want them now.  This year I am spending time with @ruth_ayers and need I say more about writing and Ruth?!

Then I had a moment while at #NCTE13 where I was having dinner and was seated next to @colbysharp who asked, what are you reading?  Are you kidding me?  I was at the wrong table, my recent reading was books in my classroom - I replied with Mo Willems and ducked out of that conversation and became engrossed with everyone's reading lives.  I needed to fix that!  I read Celebrations by Ruth Ayers on the plane ride home.  I just read Catching Fire before I could go see the movie.  @colbysharp asked when do kids stop reading with you at home.  I said, it depends on the child.  I returned to my youngest who I thought was done reading with me and had moved on to reading next to me to find out we are reading together again.  It's interesting, she is picking my favorites from teaching third grade in our playroom.  We read Ellie McDoodle, Have Pen Will Travel and tonight we started Love, Ruby Lavendar.  Thanks to @colbysharp, Shari Frost, Megan Ginther and Tammy of @TeachersforTeachers for jump starting my reading life again.

I love the timing of #nerdlution because it's a good amount of time with time off and time working.  Goals aren't just for January.  I'm hoping to do three things in this wonderful badge picture but with a busy life I'm not putting any time amounts to each.

My ground is rumbling - I'm going to read, write, and move each day!  I'M IN!

If you are new to the concept of #nerdlution you need to check out these three post to get caught up.  
You have until midnight to join.

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  1. I share so many of your goals. Thank goodness for this great challenge. I also love the fact that there is some built in time off in this. Good luck!