Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Slice of Life - Caterpillars

Journeys create stories.  Journeys can have surprises.  Parenting is a journey with twists and bends I never expected.  These twists and bends are creating stories I never expected.  I love when a story makes me laugh right out loud.  There is therapy in laughter and we all need a little bit more laughter in life.  I would imagine this is a story only a daughter would let me capture.

"Mom, can I get bangs at my Christmas haircut?"

"You know the ones that go straight across and I can then get rid of the layers and straighten my hair every day with the straightener I am getting for Christmas."

"I am getting a straightener for Christmas, right?"

"Well, you know the bangs will cover up my eyebrows."

Me - "Why do you want to cover up your eyebrows?"

"They are caterpillars! This one is fuzzy and this one is furry!"

In reflection, I am glad we aren't discussing uni-brows and I imagine there is a conversation coming about plucking eyebrows.  At least she is giving me clues this conversation is on the horizon.

Thank you  Tara at Two Writing Teachers for hosting Slice of Life this week.


  1. really cute. and yes, it is definitely a glimpse of a future conversation. but maybe you've just caught on to the fact that all conversations start in childhood and get woven throughout our kids' lives...and the stuff we adults are going through is stuff that started in childhood, too.

  2. I love the freedom of writing and thinking a slice here :)

  3. Now you know she's looking, looking in the mirror, Mandy! I remember when my daughter, son too, began having those longer looks in the mirror. Glad you shared, fond memories! And you're so right about the laughter!

  4. I love the way your duaghter's mind works - how she went from point to point making very definite assumptions and sharing very definite opinions. Furry and fuzzy eyebrows, though, really made me smile!

  5. Love this piece about eyebrows - get the eyebrow plucker ready. Your piece reminds me of the conversation we had at NCTE - Your parenting advice is working well - Thanks

  6. So not the caterpillars I was expecting! What fun to capture these bits of conversation that make us laugh.

  7. The less you say, the better off you will be.