Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Music to My Ears {Slice of Life}

It's high school scheduling here and next year for the first time and only time I will have two daughters in high school together.  My heart is tugging a bit at this thought because my baby will be a freshman and I will have my second senior year to enjoy.  My first senior year experience involved scheduling a double late start.  Our students can plan late starts and early releases for up to two periods.  I anticipated one of these options being presented to me for our second senior year...

A:  "Mom, can you look at my schedule."

Me:  "It all looks good but I don't see a late start or early release.  Did you want to do that, N did."

A:  "Why would I do that, there are things I want to learn about."

She stopped me right in my tracks.  I think my reply was, "Oh, okay."  I should of stopped and shouted, "YAHOO - I have a daughter who chooses to learn.  I have a daughter who wants to learn.  I have a daughter who enjoys learning."  "You go girl, soak it all in and enjoy your senior year of high school."

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life writing community.


  1. WooHoo!!!! I'll bet teachers love her!

  2. It really is something to shout about, Mandy. Best wishes to her for a fabulous senior year!

  3. I think your daughter is following in your footsteps as a learner. You always seem to be trying or learning something new. Definitely a moment to celebrate.