Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Transitioning Seasons {Slice of Life}

It's Sunday night and I pull the car into Trader Joe's.  There's a moan from my travel companion who kind of demanded, "How long will we be here?"  Just five minutes, I replied.  I believe there was a huge eye roll here but I had decided to fully embrace spring and eye rolls weren't stopping me.  Then I had to explain why were just getting daffodils. 

Here are my reasons why.
1.  The temperature this weekend was mid to sixties and SUNNY!
2.  I packed away some winter evergreen I still had out to embrace winter.
3.  I packed away my a few snowmen I had out to embrace winter.
4.  I changed a few holiday family pictures to spring family pictures.  
5.  I had to take the next step, which has really become a yearly tradition - buy daffodils.

It hasn't snowed yet, really here.  It's been cold.  It's been gray and dreary.  This weekend and week is a sign - out with the drab and in with the new.  A few years ago I realized I really enjoy fresh cut spring flowers just ahead of the blooming season in my yard.  It helps pass the time and make me smile when winter has been enough.   I don't have my usual, winter has been enough feeling but I do have the feeling that winter was disappointing.  It never really snowed enough to shovel.  I think I shoveled just once, if I check Instagram and that was a stretch.  I did it just because shoveling makes me happy.  It never snowed enough to throw a snowball.  It never snowed enough for a snow day, just two delays for ice.  It never came close to an Upstate NY snowfall.  

So, if you have the winter is enough feeling or winter was disappointing feeling I highly recommend buying stems of daffodils and watch them bloom inside all over your house.  They are in our kitchen, our playroom, each daughter's bedroom and my bathroom.  Burst of yellow to enjoy and remind me warmer days and new things are ahead.

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  1. I love the idea of daffodils blooming all around the house! One's spirits could not possibly stay low. And -- it won't be long now --!

  2. Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers...like trumpets heralding Spring! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. This post has me smiling and planning to buy daffodils tomorrow

  4. I'm okay with winter being over, although that does worry me with the bugs who survived this mild winter. Love the description of your traveling companion's reactions and your attitude towards those reactions. Enjoy those blossoms!

  5. I love the flower bins at Trader Joe's - but I have to say that the tulips and daffodils there are my favorites for pre Spring!