Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Just Stop...{Slice of Life}

My youngest returned from camp today.  She was tired and hungry.  I gave her some space and went about doing some "helpful" things around the house.  (aka my new word for chores)  I passed by to check in while she was watching TV and she said, "Mom, do you want to come and watch this next Bones with me?"  I was in the middle of a mental list and told her in a little bit.  Then I realized she's been gone and she's a little bit tired AND she asked me to do something.  That doesn't happen very often with teenagers so I stopped that mental list, grabbed some lunch and sat with her to watch an episode of Bones.  It's important to stop and just spend time with others.  

I need to remember this in the fall when school starts.  It's important to just spend time with others to build a community and relationships.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.


  1. Our Slices are connected today! Importance of taking the time when we have it to spend watching TV or visiting with our children. I bet that was the best episode of Bones you have ever watched.

  2. So true --thank you for the reminder. It all gets done and if it doesn't the sun still rises tomorrow. We need to be there when they need us. This teenage parenting gig is humbling for sure!! Thank you for mentoring me in this gig!!! And you posted before me today..... so glad we connected.

  3. So glad you stopped and joined your daughter, those are the memories she (and you) will hang onto.

  4. Such wise words...
    "It's important to stop and just spend time with others."

  5. This moment made me feel so warm inside. And what a great reminder for both home and school.