Saturday, July 8, 2017

Idea to Action; Sharing my Super Reader Life! {Celebrate this Week}

I'm celebrating Idea to Action; Sharing my Super Reader Life!

I've been trying different things to share my reading life visually with my students and families but my various attempts never took off too successfully.  I'd start with excitement and think it would be effective but it would fizzle on my end or my viewers end.  Then I was having trouble archiving these sharing so if I wanted them all for a lesson, I could find them.

Today I'm celebrating launching my new Instagram account mrs.robek_reads

But here's the what I'm celebrating more...the planning behind this new Instagram account.  I recently read Every Child a Super Reader and I plan on implementing a lot of ideas of this text.  After reading this text I was even more motivated to share my own reading life in hopes of making my reading mentoring more visible.  I love photos and I love Instagram.  I've shared reading life pictures on my own personal account but for students I would share different things and word my thinking differently.   

My planning became key for this project.  

I found Scholastic has a hashtag #superreader which I decided to use on all my post.  Then I decided if I wanted to find certain things for me I could start those hashtags with mr - Mandy Robek or Mrs. Robek.  I like to share and want to show my students my reading spots, where I get books and where I sneak in reading; #mrreadingspots, #mrgetsbooks, and #mrsneakyreading will archive these categories.  The super reader strengths; belonging, curiosity, friendship, kindness, confidence, courage, and hope will have their own hashtag that starts with mr - Mandy Robek or Mrs. Robek, then super reader, then strength; #mrsuperreaderbelonging.  This seems like a lot of thinking but once I took notes for what each strength could show from my reading my archiving makes sense to me and I am SUPER excited!

This account, is for my students and families.  It's also for my friends interested in using it or sharing it with their students or own children.  It's public, but I do monitor who is allowed to follow me on any of my social media sites.  I won't be sharing my posts each time I post something via twitter but may toss out a reminder or an update about how it's going.  So, if you are interested in following my journey click the follow button on Instagram.  I'm really excited about how this week has been shaping up!

Thank you Ruth for giving us an opportunity to stop and celebrate something in our lives!


  1. I have Every Child a Super Reader, somewhere! You've motivated me to go find it and actually read it! The idea of using Instagram to inform students and families is interesting. Something to think about.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful way to connect with students and families. I'll be watching your journey.

  3. I love the books you share! I'm a follower!

  4. A dream becomes a reality. I'm excited to follow the journey of this account. You go! (Oh, and now I have another book in my professional stack. I need to get home and get busy!)

  5. Mandy, I not only read Pam Allyn's book but had her speak at my regional meeting on Long Island to administrators. I have followed Pam for years and really love her enthusiasm for building the Super Reader concept.
    How interesting that you are using Instagram to catalog your journey.