Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Picture Book 10 for 10 is 1 Month Away {#pb10for10}

Dear Cathy,

I'm so excited today!  It's July 10th which means August is coming up next and on August 10th we are lucky to host Picture Book 10 for 10.  I think today snuck up on both of us this year.  Summer is a great time to do things differently and I hope you are doing something differently right now.  My alarm clock was wonky this morning so I missed my 5:30am yoga class I was going to try and get to.  Yes, working out that early is something different for me and then allows me to be all in for the dogs and girls the rest of today.  Yoga is relaxing and I find #pb10for10 relaxing and invigorating at the same time.   Don't you?  I hope our friends think so.

 I just want to remind everyone of the details for our #pb10for10 event.
  1. Grab a Badge (I like to select the image and save image as...)
  2. Join the #pb10for10 Google Community
  3. Choose Your Favorites:  All you need to do is choose ten picture books you cannot live without for whatever reason.  In the first days of this event, everyone shared their ten very favorite titles.  This still works.  You will notice, however, that many past participants choose some type of theme to determine their selections.  We'll leave this up to you.
  4. Narrow Your List to Ten:  It isn't easy, is it?  We've seen some crafty ways to get around that number, but really ten is plenty. 
  5. Write Your August 10th Post:  Write a post about the ten books you cannot live without.  Share your post on August 10th and link it to the Picture Book 10 for 10 Community.  
  6. No Blog?  No Problem:  If you don't have a blog, this might be the perfect time to start one --- or now with the Google Community it is quite easy to just post your favorites directly into the community without a blog.  We will also be tweeting from the #pb10for10 hashtag.
  7. Comment:  On August 10th (and maybe for a week --- there are a lot of posts) take some time to read posts from other participants.  Please comment on at least three.
Enjoy your day Cathy!

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  1. Yoga at 5:30?!?! Someday I want to be like you! Can't wait to see what you must have on your shelf this year.