Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Those books are so predictable. {Slice of Life}

This week's slice is truly captured in this text.

This was part of a conversation with my oldest daughter who just graduated from college and has already started graduate school.  She's deeply immersed in reading anatomy text books and notes.  I was a bit disappointed with her first response and thrilled with her second response when I threw out some teacher jargon.

I love reading and tend to find a purpose to read a book - personally and professionally.  It's summer and while each day feels like a long weekend I woke up one day and decided to stop all reading and pick up one of my favorite authors; Nicholas Sparks.  I haven't read for pleasure without a reason or information to gain in quite some time.  I enjoyed thinking about reading moments I could find.  I was charmed by the story the characters were living.  I found myself choosing reading over chores.  I found myself timing other activities and mapping out reading breaks.  I need to remember these feelings and foster them again for myself.  I sometimes worry when students fall in love with a character, series, or author.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.


  1. I so relate!! My college daughter looks forward to little breaks in her studies where she, too, can carve in some pleasure reading. Her goal when she has her own home…her own library of her favorite books!!

  2. Hmm... reading over chores? I can relate to that choice! And I love the connection between sewing and books - patterns, indeed. And I will 'fess up to having reread one YA novel probably 10 or more times - it often shows up next to my bed when I need to find my groove again. Predictable? Who cares?

  3. I do think one of the challenges of our work is that we rarely read for pure pleasure. As much as I love reading kids and YA lit, it's still work; it's still for work. I decided to prioritize having one book going at all times that is just for me--not a book I plan to recommend to anyone, book talk to my students, or use in my work in any way. I'm so glad you're making time for your own reading pleasure!