Thursday, March 12, 2020

Easing My Mind {12 of 31 Slice of Life}

Piglets.  It's all I needed to hear when I got to the farm to visit and think about the benefits of gardening at my own school.  I visited various areas of the farm and looked at ways we could implement ideas at my school knowing I was being called to the Piglets.

Eleven.  Eleven baby piglets were sleeping soundly in a heap.  I spent a few minutes counting to make the sure the sign of eleven was correct.  They were flopped on top of each other and the counting was tricky.  Then I noticed the variations in coloring.  Some were speckled like a Dalmatian dog.  Some had patches of shading and some were solid shades.  I was surprised that the medium sized mama had so many babies.  

Suddenly one piglet springs up and mama heads over.  She lays down and more piglets spring into action - headed her way for nursing.  They are trying to latch on, grunting baby piglet sounds and flopping all over her.  One piglet in particular heads up over her back - I found myself cheering him or her on.  As soon as the piglet reached the top of her back - Whee, it kept right on coming sliding down the other side to her stomach and joining his or her siblings for nursing.  

I needed to stop and observe this afternoon.  I needed to marvel at the joy of little ones.  I needed to learn piglets in a litter come in different markings and shadings as puppies do.  I needed to breath and be with friends while the world around me spins a bit too fast.  Today we learned we are shutting down all of our schools in Ohio for three weeks.  There was a time of day with unknowns and we have work ahead of us with report cards do and online learning or away learning to be planned.  

Thank you baby piglets for easing my mind and day.  

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community and offering this challenge.


  1. We got the same news today. Sitting here tonight trying to figure out how to support my middle school learners. Some don't have internet. Most will spend the days alone while their parents work, or will babysit younger siblings. They may or may not have groceries. I would love a few piglets! Your descriptions are wonderful.

  2. Thank you for bringing me with you! Your description was lovely. I could see and hear as if I was by your side. I even found myself shifting my head as if to peek to make sure that piglet made it safely down the other side. Yes we need to take moments of rest, moments outside, and moments to breathe. I am headed out for a run with friends to do just the same.