Friday, September 4, 2020

Short and Sweet by Josh Funk


I'm so excited to join Josh Funk and friends for the Long and Savory Virtual Blog Tour.  Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast are appearing in their fourth volume with the same humor and rhyming rhythm. It appears Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast are spoiling a bit; looking pale and need some assistance to stop looking frail.  Baron von Waffle offers to get them help by visiting Professor Biscotti Laboratory.  The goal was to despoil the pair and a an unlikely outcome appeared resizing!  There's an adventure through town seeking a solution.  I find it interesting how Josh is able to humanize nonhuman things through the illustrations; with a simple line showing a turn or facial expression.  I think this new book and adventure will help student enjoy reading more with giggles.  Students will love the humorous actions that take place.  You can find more information and links to other blogs on the tour at Josh Funk Books.

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