Thursday, October 22, 2020

I Won the Parenting Lottery this Week! {SOS: Magic in a Blog}

Within 24 hours I heard from all three girls.  Each text warmed my heart.  Each text made me smile.  Each text let me know my attempts, tries, and failures did bring goodness for them.  Not only for them - for me and for us.  Parenting is a journey and all journeys need moments of pause and reflection.

N sent the first text.

"I realized you have unintentionally raised me to be a food snob!  As I prefer to make everything from scratch which I personally think is a great and healthy trait.  This speech lady was talking about her potato soup she's making for dinner tonight and it's just like bags and cans of stuff frozen thrown in the crock pot and I was like bleach gross and it's because you raised me to love making everything from scratch!!! But she also has 4 kids in elementary school so gotta do what you gotta do."

Sweet girl - I hope you remember that last line in life.  Short cuts are okay and take time to make life easier.  I may not always do that very well.

A sent the second text.

"Call me when you drive home, I miss your voice!!"

Yes sweet girl, hearing each other's voices is so needed right now especially.  The technology is wonderful and quick and sometimes easy and isn't the same as the real voice.  Also, thank you for the grace because I stopped for some groceries, started dinner to get to yoga on time and called you about an hour and a half later while dinner was baking.  You are so patient.

B sent the third text.

"Is it cool if I order pizza from flyers and you pick it up after yoga.  Dad said it was cool just needed to know if you could pick it up."....I reply yes and can you cut up some vegetables.  "Of course!  I would have made pasta or something but I made 3 lunches today and I'm cooked out.  Taking care of people is hard.  Thanks for doing it mom.".....I reply I could make pasta when I get home.  "I appreciate you.  No pizza sounds heavenly."

Oh, sweet girl - I will take this moment of appreciation and hang on to it for quite some time.  It is a lot of work to take care of others and just as you made three lunches - you did it with love.  It's good to know when you need a break and reward yourself.  Fill your own bucket with something you enjoy.  The pizza was heavenly this week because of this story and you.  I enjoyed our chat at dinner just the two of us.

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  1. I love how you remind your audience that the simple act of texting or calling can warm a loved one's heart. Just this week, I noticed my mom wasn't calling as often as she normally does. She got lost in the course of her busy week, but I made sure to call so I could hear her voice yesterday :)

  2. I love that you captured these! I’m glad you found time to write and share with us even in a busy week!

  3. What sweet messages! "Parenting is a journey"--so very true.

  4. This is sweet -the little notes and the love in them and the love in your heart.

  5. These reminders/messages come through just when the heart needs them. Your daughters won the lottery with their parents. P.S. I agree with N, homemade is better!

  6. You really did hit the parenting lottery! One of these meaningful messages might have made the day a little brighter, but all three - what a gift. What a juncture it is when we - when our children - realize our "attempts, tries, and failures did bring goodness for them." As they grow older and especially when have their own ... they're willing to give us quite a bit of grace. I think about this when I turn into my father - knowing of course that it all came from a place of love. Your post captures the precious payoff from your investment. :)

  7. Lucky girls, lucky mom! I love that all three reached out for connection. It says something about the foundation you laid.

  8. These are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us--and the words of wisdom.