Saturday, October 24, 2020

Planning Together {Enjoying the Now}

I'm finding during this season of teaching when it's nothing like I've experienced or tried to implement before there are moments of joy.  Yes, I'm worried about lots.  Yes, I'm missing the way things were.  Yes, I get frustrated.  When I breath and accept the slowing down I'm finding things I enjoy.  

This week I began working with my literacy coach on a content social study standards anchored in literacy  instructional moves.  It all began with the question; How do I make a shift from hearing sounds to being accountable for conventional spelling?  My Hearing Sounds and Words Sentence Dictation assessment showed quite a gap for three-fourths of my students.  Her answer was interactive/shared writing.  Of course!  We began planning together and I felt that internal excitement that had been missing.  The excitement when you plan something with intention.  The excitement of including sound instructional moves that will engage students.  I hadn't found time, made time, or thought I had time to really implement these in second grade. Of course I do!  The planning and anticipating the process of our learning with interactive/shared writing is helping me enjoy the now.

I hope we can all find an enjoying the now moment this coming week.

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  1. Mandy, I could feel your enthusiasm! I need a coach for this new stage of life, to inspire me to move forward on some important projects.