Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom {#bookaday}

Pernille Ripp spoke Monday and kicked off the Book Love Summer Book Club and shared some thinking about rereading and why it might get discouraged and reasons for encouraging it. Today I had the privilege to listen to author Carole Lindstrom speak about her book, Water Protectors and when she reread the book I knew more about Pernille was talking about.

My physical copy of the book is packed away in a box on a pallet ready to be moved to my new classroom. I read the book with my class this year as part of March Book Madness. I found a copy digitally on the Libby app last night and reread it this morning to myself. I remembered the story line and enjoyed the illustrations. I'm a fan of many things nature and love the idea of protecting our waters.

Then Carole read it to me. I didn't have to focus on the words as a reader and noticed so many more things in the illustrations. She explained a couple of illustrative moves and maybe that raised my awareness. I believe since this was my third read of the story I was able to focus and look for more details. I now have more questions about the book and this just confirms the value in multiple readings as a reader. There's more joy and more thinking with each read. 

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