Thursday, July 1, 2021

Memory Jars by Vera Bristol {#bookaday}

Today's #bookaday took me back to my grandma's house. She had two canning cellars within basement. It was a long skinny room with shelves on one side filled with jars and jars of beets, homemade pickles, beans and more. I don't recall my grandmother making jam and I remember my own mom making jam. 

Memory Jars by Vera Bristol definitely flooded my heart with my own memories. I love the idea Freda and her Gran making jam and remembering things. Freda decides to collect more memories in jars and her memory collection grows. She put her crayons in one, popsicle in another, and her friend Jack who was moving soon. I could feel her sadness about his move and wonder what my students will think about Jack and Gran both being put in jars. While Freda finishes collecting, she gets hungry and opens up some jam. Realizing using the jam helps her remember her memories and Gran is released from her jar. 

I think there's some collecting we could do from this text to help gather writing ideas. Maybe it's a list in our writer's notebooks. Maybe it's a physical jar with slips of paper to write things down on and put within. 

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