Friday, July 9, 2021

No Voice Too Small Fourteen Young Americans Making History {#bookaday}

No Voice Too Small, Fourteen Young Americans Making History Edited by Metcalf, Dawson, and Bradley was recently talked about a lot at two events I've participated in and I understand why. The inside jacket cover has an essential question for readers while discovering this book, "How can you make your community better for everyone?" Readers learn about 14 young activist who advocate for important and hard things via an information paragraph and a poem about their work. There are 14 different poets highlighted in this collection. The young activist in this book are advocating for cultural, medical, environmental, gender, and hate change from situations they personally experienced. Each page also has a sentence or two to guide your own work as an activist. I knew one person in this collection of young people and I learned a lot. The end of the text shares information about different poetry formats used in the book and a short biography about each poet. For not a lot of text - this book on my thinking about small steps with big impacts!

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