Saturday, April 29, 2023

#read6min How To...

Thanks for the excitement around #read6min; a May Reading Challenge for Mental Health Awareness Month. Here are some how to details.

1. Read every day for at least 6 minutes. If you can read more great! It doesn't mean you can count 6 days for 36 minutes. That doesn't help form a habit or get the daily physical benefits shared yesterday

2. Share a photo to document your reading. The photo can be anything to show a snippet of your reading life. Maybe it's the front cover. Maybe it's an open book from a distance. Maybe it's close up of the page with a line you want to share. Maybe it's part of the book and you in your favorite reading spot. Maybe it's the view with your book in a corner.

3. Maybe on your post you share a thought about how you are feeling, what you are reading, why you are reading, how you are making these 6 minutes happen, do you notice any physical changes, and do any patterns happen over time.

3. Use the hashtag #read6min to connect with other readers fostering their own mental health.

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