Monday, May 1, 2023

Jack's Worry by Sam Zuppardi {Mental Wellness}

Jack's Worry by Sam Zuppardi is a book I'd put in every classroom and every home.  It's a book for the very young, those in the middle, and adults of all ages. Worries happen.  Jack has been preparing for his first trumpet concert every day and there is joyous music playing across a two page spread.  The big day comes and so does a perfect shade of a blue big oval worry.  He tries to ignore this worry; it follows him.  He tries to do different activities; it stays with him.  

As the story progresses, so does the size of Jack's worry.  It turns from a warm blue to dark gray.  I love how it's not black.  It feels easier to come back from gray!  When Jack faces his worry, he finds the words to talk to his mom and share the root of his worry. 

She validates his thoughts and the middle of the worry turns a warm soft yellow.  Then the worry shrinks.  He discovers his friends have worries. He begins playing his trumpet with with his friends to help them feel more comfortable with their worries.  Jack shows us - sharing our worries and doing the worry can bring enjoyment.  

My bibliotherapy moment - 

"Instead, he looked at it. Really looked at it. And found the words he needed."

Action - A great mentor text for starting a list of worries in a writer's notebook.

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