Monday, May 22, 2023

BE STRONG by Pat Zietlow Miller {Mental Wellness}

by Pat Zietlow Miller helps readers understand the layers of meaning with the word strong. The opening scene is all about physical education class and the physical strength needed for the climbing wall. Our main character doesn't have the muscle strength to do it.

She comes home deflated and her family expands the meaning of strong for her. "My family says being strong get you through life. When hard times happen and things don't go as planned."

She sets out wondering how can she be strong. What follows is just beautiful in text and the illustrations as she notices and learns from her community.

Strong is...

showing up

speaking up

not giving up

sticking to a promise

giving up a would like to

make things happen

turn nothing into something

moving forward



help others and receive help

When we expand the layers of meaning for strong, I think we all use one of these each day. I've been trying to have a read aloud on Mondays related to emotions and then always collect ideas in our writer's notebooks. I can't wait to see how my student's interpret they are strong after hearing this book.

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