Tuesday, May 23, 2023

BRAVE EVERY DAY by Trudy Ludwig {Mental Wellness}

BRAVE EVERY DAY by Trudy Ludwig is a must have for every school, classroom, and house. Camila worries and when she worries she hides. She has many worries and readers can connect with her. Her worries start with phrases like what if, I can't, and I'm scared. 

A class trip to the aquarium is coming up and Camila's worries grow and her classmates are aware of them. Sadly, she's teased and her worries increase. The field trip day comes. The class arrives and Camila makes a plan to hide only to discover Kai behind the same plant she wanted to use to hide.

Kai loves reading about animals and isn't thrilled with visiting them in person. Camila and Kai connect over their worry and support each other to use the phrase, I'll try. 

I'll try are such important words as we navigate each day and might just be the encouragement someone needs while experiencing worries.

This book has a recommended reading for kids list about worries and anxiety. The author also offers a list of questions to guide discussions before, during, or after reading this text.

My bibliotherapy moment - 

"Seeing Kai so nervous makes Camila realize her heart is bigger than her fears."

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