Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Everyone... by Christopher Silas Neal {Mental Wellness} Christopher Silas Neal shows readers a range of emotions and it's acceptable to feel them all. Happy on minute and sad the next. 

I love how crying is acceptable and readers find out they aren't alone when they cry. The illustration for this idea shows the main character crying in rain fall. A rain fall set against a white background and each raindrop really sends a message of you're not alone - are the raindrops tears from others?  

The animals and neighbors also show emotions expanding the idea of we are not alone with all the possible emotions. Another idea presented in the book is laughter brings happiness and this would be a great book to launch ideas from  laughter yoga

My bibliotherapy moment - 

"Or frustrated, frazzled, fed up, bonkers, batty, bananas...Ahhhhhh!" 

You must see the illustrations for these words.

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