Thursday, May 4, 2023

I'm Happy - Sad Today by Lory Britain

I'm Happy - Sad Today by Lory Britain embraces and guides readers with the many emotions they can feel in the same day and most likely very close in time.  Lori refers to these as Mixed - Together Feelings. What a wonderful phrase for us to offer  readers to use as emotions are discussed.

The book begins by identify emotions and how they feel different based on the situation.  Then Lori begins sharing mixed - together feelings.  For example; going to school on the first day of school can feel scary and brave together.  Another example is when a baby sibling is born and the big sister can feel proud and jealous.  I love this combination - frustrated and determined.  My favorite part of the book is when the sweet main character acknowledges she can feel more than one feeling at a time.  

The book ends with ways the main character can handle these emotions and they involve talking, listening, sitting, being active, using her imagination, movement, art, and word play.  That's right - why not mix emotion feelings together!  Try these on for fun - smad, happcited, loveappy, and glappy.

The illustrations by Matthew Rivera are set against a bright white background and the colors hues are just right for helping this story be told.  They are vibrant and yet subtle.  

The book has a lovely ending for caregivers and parents.  There's a guide for talking about feelings and strategies for supporting social emotional growth.  

My bibliotherapy moment -
"I know that all my feelings are okay at the same time."

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