Friday, May 5, 2023

Sometimes, All I Need is Me by Juliana Perdomo {Mental Wellness}

Sometimes, All I Need is Me by Juliana Perdomo is a book that encourages readers to embrace what brings them comfort. The little girl enjoys her home, doing things with friends, and then having some time on her own. In our fast paced hurried cultured this book is a gentle reminder taking time alone is offers opportunities to play, listen to music, and dance. 

As readers connect with the character and the reminder she gives us for spending time on our own, we watch her work through uncomfortable moments; a scary room at night, falling down, and feeling sad. In each situation, she models being her own support by finding people to help, accepting a hug, and hugging herself.

This is a great book to have students think about things they enjoy doing by themselves and a writer's notebook is the perfect place to hold a list like this.

My bibliotherapy moment - 

"When I feel sad, a hug from Grandma makes everything better. I t feels like a warm knitted sweater."

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