Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Take a Breath by Sujean Rim {Mental Wellness}

This book might be the funniest book I have in my collection of mental wellness stories. Bob is a bird not like the others in his flock. He's a bit different because he can't quite fly yet. As the flock takes flight he does things on the ground. He listens to music using headphones while mowing the lawn and plays checkers with a turtle instead of flying. 

Bob does try to fly and his trials get funnier as he persists more. Bob is dedicated and when his dedication doesn't help him fly worries and feeling of nervousness creep in. Tears emerge and so does Crow. Crow shares a similar experience for himself about perching with his flock. 

Crow thinks Bob just needs to take a breath. Crow guides Bob through a breath exercise and let's just say Bob has a lot of energy and might have exhaled too much. Crow tries again and models side by side the steps for better breath work. This helps shift Bob's thought patterns and he tries to fly again...

My bibliotherapy moment - 

"Sometimes you just have to be grounded before you can fly."

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