Monday, May 15, 2023

TODAY by Julie Morstad {Mental Wellness}

by Julie Morstad reminds readers we make choices all day long and some of them give us beautiful moments to enjoy and take in. Her book takes the main character through a typical day making lots of choices. What will they wear in clothing and style their hair? What will they eat for breakfast and where will they go today? Even posing a question about how they will get there? 

Choices can be overwhelming at times. Each of these questions is illustrated with a collection of small objects.  I loved the detailed descriptions; stripy pajamas, donut braid, sunny-side up eggs, maybe a tiny island by yourself, and traveling on a camel. At first, I thought these were simple pages and as I reread the book I realized the message of needing different things and embracing our differences is beautifully represented. 

Once the reader has followed the decisions for the day we can embrace and be reminded of options we can do. View paintings at a gallery or museum, sit in nature by ourselves, picking flowers, activities with friends outside, ideas for a rainy day, and collections about things that could be in our toy collections or options of things to do inside. These would be fun pages to help guide opposite action.

Opposite action is doing exactly what  you don't think you want or can do. Let's say you want to stay in bed for the need to put your feet on the floor, get up, and do something. We follow this main character through the evening and back to bed. 

My bibliotherapy moment - 

"Should I stay close to home or go far away?"

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