Friday, November 10, 2023

Familiar Is and Isn't {Poetry Friday}

morning walk
no plan
no direction

end of the road
turn left?
turn right?

head towards the water
wander down a path
in a familiar direction

there's a twist
familiar is and isn't
different direction

different viewpoint
younger me

throwing dried corn
over the railing
feeding carp

all that made 
the familiar direction

©Mandy Robek, 2023

Thank you to Karen who has the Poetry Friday Roundup


  1. I was happy to see your name pop up on the list. I hope we get some time next week to sit and talk. The spare words of each stanza are just right. I like poetry that uses less rather than more to capture a thought, a memory.

  2. Mandy, what a nice poem. Your title is perfect, and when we get to the line "familiar is and isn't" that becomes clear. I love how old places can become new over and over again during different ages, seasons, emotional states and more. I like the shape of your poem too.

  3. You have me thinking about "all that made/the familiar direction"... Is this what home means?

  4. There's a saying that not all who wnder are lost, and your poem is testimony to this truism, Mandy. Sometimes what we feel is familiar undergoes change over time and our return after an absence is confronted by the reality of that gradual and predictable change. your walk and the resultant poem has provided much to ponder. Thank you for that, Mandy. Much appreicated,

  5. "there's a twist
    familiar is and isn't
    different direction"
    Mandy, you've captured a spinning feeling I often get when I suddenly become aware of me and my position/location from the outside. I love the balance of concrete details and philosophical musing.

  6. Mandy, I love the flashback twist here, the feeling that the familiar can take us to unfamiliar or forgotten places.

  7. I love the contrast of "familiar is and isn't." Lovely! Thanks for taking us along!

  8. Ooh! Your poem reminded me of one I have where I stand at a crossroads and consider taking the less familiar path. Happy that your familiar yet different direction led to a memory.

  9. It's good to be okay with taking the un-familiar path. I like your musings, seems like I can hear you talking!