Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Dog House!

Another book we are in love with by Jan Thomas! The Dog House! begins on the inside jacket cover and continues with the title page as the reader sees Cow, Duck, Mouse and Pig playing with a red ball. There is no text which supported the use of reading the pictures. The text and the pictures show us on the first page the ball went into Dog's house. The second set of pages shows the reader you only need to sketch what is most important to go with the story. This page just shows the characters faces from the nose up with their big worried eyes. Mouse encourages his friends to go in and try to get the ball. B and I discussed the difference between wise and smart for the pig while giggling at the word choices Mouse uses most of the time. Unfortunately, each time Mouse's friends do not return and the ending was quite a surprise to us, the first time we read it. Jan Thomas' books have been the perfect way to start our summer reading!

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