Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Introduced to Jan Thomas

As I mentioned earlier part of my 48 Hour Challenge was spent shopping at Cover to Cover with the Central Ohio Kidlitosphere Bloggers. We need the support of our colleagues for teaching but also for shopping. To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed making the transition from shopping for transtional readers to emergent readers. So, when Katie and Franki both told me I needed to get to know the author Jan Thomas I listened and am now thrilled.

Her books are fantastic for kindergarten readers! What Will Fat Cat Sit On? is a story about a group of animals; a cow, a mouse, a pig, a chicken, and a dog who are worried about the cat and where he might sit. The mouse comes up with a great idea that spares the animals from being sat upon. Jan Thomas' illustrations support the text and allows the reader to partcipate from the initial reading. The repetitive nature of the text also encourages our youngest readers to partcipate in the reading.

When thinking about how to use this book with children, I can see discussing word familes, recognizing sight words, and reading the pictures all things that will come in a classroom discussion. This books also lends itself to thinking about punctuation and inflection while reading. I am so glad to have been introduced to Jan Thomas.

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  1. I absolutely love Jan Thomas books in my first grade classroom! My struggling readers can pick up her books and feel successful! I need to get the other 2.