Friday, July 3, 2009

Rainbow Magic Series

There's an old saying, you can't judge a book by it's cover and that is very true and a lesson I am reminded of with my daughter, A.

A year ago spring break, I took A shopping at Cover to Cover and she was having a hard time finding books for herself. She loved being read to but reading on her own was missing something. She picked up a book with a fairy on it, I didn't know the author, it looked about her independent reading level but I wasn't thrilled because it was about a fairy and I didn't know the author's name Daisy Meadows. I tried to discourage her from this book and ended up giving in because it was a chapter book, the first in a series and she wanted it.

Daisy Meadows and the Rainbow Magic Series changed my daughter's life. I'm not joking! She so enjoyed the story we had to get more. Soon we exhausted the public library supply. She had never done this before with a series and was ending second grade. She wasn't a fan of series books, I don't think she was a fan of reading. She had to start ordering them, only to learn they are released in the UK and take awhile to make it to the US. She got to the point where she'd read all of them available in the US. I was thrilled, she was reading on her own and loving it.

During the winter we were in German Village at the Book Loft and she discovered a new series by Daisy Meadows and we had to buy all seven. It's a great short series for kids. Jack Frost is always causing mischief and the fairies figure it out. Just last week we were in NH and she found a new series and brought all seven over to me to purchase. Again, I kind of frowned about the purchase this time justifying it with these are easy books (she just finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) and couldn't we get them from the library. I couldn't even really justify the purchase with teaching kindergarteners. Our book shopping went all wrong from that point and she walked out with nothing. I returned to buy them and now I know why.

Tonight she just ran down here to tell me about two characters who ran into a new girl and "Mom, guess what her name is?" It's A. Guess how they spell it? A s h l e i g h!" Her face lit up like the sun and her smile was beautiful. Her name is pretty common but the spelling is not.

Thank you Daisy Meadows for really changing a reader's life and making a difference.

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