Monday, August 10, 2009

Young MacDonald

by David Milgrim is funny, entertaining, and uses technology! In this book, Young MacDonald has a farm. Just what we would except when we think of Old MacDonald, but Young MacDonald makes an invention, a cross between a computer and something used in space to transport individuals, with the flip of a switch and poof they are gone. Young MacDonald's animals don't disappear but they do change. First, he creates a HIG! As you continue to read the traditional phrasing the words are changed to this to help you figure out just what a HIG is.

"with an Oink-Neigh here,

And an Oink-Neigh there,

Here an Oink, there an Neigh,

Everywhere an Oink-Neigh.

Young McDonald had a farm,


If that didn't help you figure out what a HIG is the comical illustrations would when you saw a horse with a pig head and tail. Young MacDonald goes on to create a Deese, a Shicken, a Mucks, a Cowl, until the animals take a turn at the invention and do their own creating. Luckily, Old MacDonald and Mrs. MacDonald return home before things get too out of hand and everything returns to normal with pizza. I think this book will be a great addition to a song box of books I plan on having in my room. I also could see the children and I having fun creating our own version of the story as our word knowledge increases. I easily see someone thinking of a rabird.

A creature part rabbit and bird.

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