Thursday, October 1, 2009

Harriet's Halloween Candy

Is the perfect book for the month of October and for any math learning with sorting. Author Nancy Carlson uses the character Harriet the dog to tell a story of sharing after the event of trick or treating. Harriet doesn't really want to share her candy. She sorts her candy, counts, her candy, hides her candy, and eats her candy. After eating too much candy, which most children hope to do with their treats she decides she isn't feeling so well. She then thinks sharing with her baby brother Walt is a better feeling than a queasy stomach. What makes this book great for mathematics is just one page.

" When she got home, she laid it all out carefully on the floor. Then she organized it. First by color. Then by size. And finally by favorites."

Harriet reminds the reader sorting can be flexible and there is more than one way to sort objects for success.


  1. I'm really enjoying your book reviews and wanted to toss this one into the mix: Laura Leuk's One Witch - the text and review are here:
    My boys loved this book when they were learning to count and still have fun with it three years later :-)

  2. Thanks a bunch for the recommendation. With my journey back to kdg. I'm constantly looking for books to use and enjoy with my students.

  3. Hey Mandy,
    I'm glad to come across your blog. We need folks like you who will share your expertise and knowledge with the rest. I'm in secondary, in a credit recovery classroom actually, but through the National Writing Project I've connected with lots of elementary folks. I'll put you on my blog roll so others can find you through me.

    Mike Teacher Food

  4. Thanks, Mike. I appreciate your positive support.