Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Me First

Me First is written by Helen Lester and Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. It's interesting how two classes of kindergartner's can be similar, different, and then within a day of each other need the same story to help foster community. Me First is a great book to read when your class needs to discuss being first for things, especially in a line to travel places.

Pinkerton is a pink, plump, and pushy pig who is first for anything. First to be mean to other pigs, first on slide, first in the lunch line, first to get on the bus, first off the bus, and more. His scout troop takes a trip on Saturday to the beach and his behaviors to be first are in full action. In the far off distance he hears a voice call, "Who would care for a sandwich?" His is interested and wants to be first for food. The author spends a full page describing the sandwich he is dreaming of as he dashes off to be first to get this sandwich. Of course as he is dashing, he is calling, "ME FIRST!" Only to discover a small creature, a sand witch! I wasn't sure my kindergarten students would get the play on words but they did right away with the great support by illustrator Lynn Munsinger.

The sand witch does a great job having Pinkerton be the first to care for her and the jobs he has to do are a bit funny and silly to think about, especially combing her toes! The ending has what every teacher needs, Pinkerton returning to his scout troop and bus willing to be last. It's important to show students at any age that when we travel places together with the same destination it doesn't matter who is first or last but that we all stay together and arrive prepared to do new learning.

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