Monday, December 14, 2009

More, Fewer, Less

More, Fewer, Less by Tana Hoban is just the book I needed the other day when I was talking about these concepts with my class. It was the perfect book to launch our discussion and math workshop. Tana Hoban is famous for her photo illustrations and wordless books and this book is at the top of my favorite list for mathematics. The photographs are full size and have many discussion points per page. The first page in the book is a photograph of some chickens inside and outside a coop. You could easily begin with are there more outside or inside? You could also ask are there fewer inside or outside and where are their more? On a two page spread you have a couple of options. You can compare and discuss these concepts within one photo or compare something from one page to another. You can also make the decision to talk about quantity of objects or the space of something. For example, about midway through the book there is a photograph of a building. One door is blue and the other is green but the green is extended along the brick wall.

The wordless text has been an extra bonus for my emergent readers.

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