Monday, March 8, 2010

Pink Me Up

Pink Me Up, just recently written and illustrated by Charise Mericle Harper is the perfect girl book with an important message for daddies - being pink is really fun! My youngest B, loves the color pink so she couldn't resist this book while we were shopping yesterday. Acrylics were used for the illustrations and the color choice of gray for the bunnies completely compliments all the pink in this book.

Violet is the only girl bunny in her family of nine except for her mama and her cat. The book begins with Mama and Violet's plans for a special day together. They are to attend the 3rd annual Pink Girls Pink-nic. I love the play on words with pink and picnic! Violet is bounding through the pages with speech bubbles filled with the word pink, showing great excitement only to find out when she is getting Mama up Mama has pink dots. She is sick and they have to find someone fun to go instead. You guessed it, Daddy is up for the challenge and after searching thoroughly through his closet discovers one pink tie. However, this isn't enough pink and Violet begins altering his outfit. I love another message in this book. As Violet and Daddy go to the Pink-nic she holds his hand and lets him know, "Don't worry, Daddy. Being pink will be fun."

Daddy is quite the hit at the Pink-nic and all the other girls have plans to "pink" their fathers. Violet has further plans to pink up everything, living "pinklishly" ever after.

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