Tuesday, July 13, 2010


123 by Brian Wildsmith was a great find this summer at Cover to Cover during their sidewalk sale. Come to find out, this book is out of print but you will be able to find it second hand through some on line vendors. When I first looked at the book it appeared to be a simple counting book and I didn't think much about it. As I got home and looked further I realized this little gem was a bit more. Numbers are represented in three ways - numerical form, written form, and symbolically. Three important goals for early numeracy. The number is large and in white on the left side of the page while the written form is written twice below it. For those students working on letter identification I love how this text writes the written form in upper case and then again directly below in lowercase formation. On the right side of each page shapes are used to represent the numbers symbolically. These shapes are bright and bold, often made up of many little shapes and colors. This would be a great addition to a math collection of books.

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