Monday, July 26, 2010

Crocodile Disappearing Dragon

Crocodile Disappearing Dragon by Jonathan London is a fictional text filled with nonfiction information. This book follows a crocodiles journey from spring to through summer. We read about how she moves, what she eats, how her body changes and what she does to prepare to lay eggs. We learn about her digging out her hatch-lings and how she carries them to the water. We learn about predators and grave dangers to the crocodile. The last page of the book is a full length page of nonfiction text. This would be a great mentor text for writing nonfiction information as a fictional text. I also think my students would ask a lot of questions about crocodiles. I found my self wondering more about this large creature and learning many things I didn't know. The oil painted illustrations bring the reader right to the mangrove swamp and movement is evident through the paint strokes.

This book was suggested in More Than Guided Reading for questioning.


  1. Crocodile Disappearing Dragon is always a book students enjoy listening to and discussing. They are always surprised that Jonathan London, author of Froggy, wrote this book too as it is stylistically quite different. April Pulley Sayre's book, "Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out, is another favorite much like this book. It tells the story of the dangers in the life of a sea turtle, and how people play an important part in protecting the sea turtle and helping it to survive.

  2. Cathy, thanks for sharing with us all Jonathan London also writes Froggy. I saw that connection in your book and think I was too busy trying to write my own summary I left this great bit of information. I love Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out and so did my students.