Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello Twins

Hello Twins by Charlotte Voake was a great little find at The Book Nook, in Dunkirk, NY. This book celebrates individuality and accepting differences. The characters are Charlotte and Simon, a set of twins and the text clearly tells the reader they are not like each other. What I loved about this book is the mischief the twins take turns getting into. Charlotte and Simon each take turns doing this differently. I found myself laughing at their individual adventures and celebrating the ending. They like each other just the way they are. The text is simple and poised, the message is huge for students and the illustrations are delightful. I just love Charlotte's polka dotted dress. This is a great book for community building and then a reread when differences need to be accepted in any classroom. Make sure you read the author's note to learn this book is about Charlotte Voake and her twin brother.

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