Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Dog

Just Dog by Hiawyn Oram is a delightful story about a dog and his name is Dog. Dog is a little sad he is just called dog. In talking to Midnight the cat he decides it's time his owners realize he is more than a dog, he is something special. Dog thinks if he digs holes, in the garden he will start being called Digger. It would fit for what he is doing and since he is a dog and Dog is his name he rationalizes being called Digger. His plan doesn't work out and he gets called, "Bad dog." He doesn't give up and does things in hopes of being called Barker, Swiftfoot, Lionheart, or Hunter. None of these names happen, so he does things super helpful and sweet to get his owners attention. They notice and brainstorm some sappy names for him and as you can imagine, he doesn't like those either. I think this book could provide a launch for lots of stories and thinking about names, for people and pets my students have. I can't wait to use it this coming school year.

This book was suggested in More Than Guided Reading to help discuss questioning.

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