Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen

Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen by Cari Best is the perfect summer book for children learning how to ride a bike, growing out of bicycles, and looking for inspiration. The book begins with Sally Jean reflecting about her bikes over the years. She began riding in a baby seat behind her mother. She progresses to a tricycle, a bike with training wheels, and then on her own. She is quite the bike rider and does it quite well after the training wheels come off at five years old. So many of my students could relate to Sally Jean. It's also a great way to introduce a time line, and growth over time. Fortunately, as Sally Jean grew her bicycle could too until one day that didn't work any more and Sally Jean was left without a bicycle. She tried to skateboard, walk, and run but nothing felt like riding a bike. Unfortunately, her family couldn't just go out and buy her a new bike. Sally finds interesting ways to try and earn money but still doesn't have enough for a bicycle. She helps out Mr. Mettle sorting junk in his junkyard and gets inspired. Throughout the story, Sally Jean sings which just shows her exuberant personality more. One of her little songs is, "I Cycle, You Cycle, Recycle Junk!" B and I were so involved with this text as readers and both got done with this library book and said, "we love it!" Definitely on my list to use this coming school year.

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