Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chris Soentpiet is coming!

Tomorrow my school will be blessed with a visit from illustrator Chris Soentpiet and the girls packed up their books for an autograph.  A pulled her author signed copy of Saturdays and Teacakes by Lester L. Laminack.  As she flipped through the pages again she was in awe.  Especially the story pages done in the kitchen.  The use of light to make the red table shiny is fantastic.  B was looking over her should and had heard this story from our librarian.  She was telling us all about the little boy was someone from Lester's elementary school and Mammaw is his real mother.  I've heard Lester speak about his writing for this story and can't wait to meet the brilliant illustrator.  I just ordered B, More Than Anything which is on my list of books to read when
thinking about reading, dreams, and difficulties. 
It is a story about Booker T. Washington's life.  It was our bedtime read aloud and she loved it.  Chris Soentpiet is a master in detail and realistic life.  His use of watercolor paints is intriguing and beyond the typical eight color sets we buy for our children.  I can't wait to hear what he has to say to kdg. and first grade.  I hope to walk away inspired to try something myself.  I hope we will find tidbits of advice to help us with our own illustrating.  Welcome to Olentangy Local Schools, Chris.

Just found this on my school email from our librarian, my excitement just soared higher!  Chris Soentpiet will be fabulous!

"I just got home from eating dinner with Chris Soentpiet for the past 2 1/2 hours. He is really an amazing person and I hope everyone, including our students, can see this during his visit. He was discussing his work and how he chooses to illustrate books that have depth and character. He puts his heart into his work and the reader should be able to feel that connection. He wants children to see the sacrifices people have made for the freedom we have. He also wants to open kids eyes and enrich their lives through art. As you have shared his work, I hope that you have seen the passion that he puts into his books. I hope our students can see how important his images are and how they help tell the story tomorrow. He would like everyone to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. This is his big message."  Thanks C for sharing.

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