Monday, November 8, 2010

Stephanie's Ponytail

Stephanie's Ponytail written by Robert Munsch was the perfect book to begin thinking about predictions with my students.  Stephanie wants to wear a ponytail in her hair.  It's a different hairstyle, no one in her school wears ponytails.  When she arrives at school her classmates make fun of her and put her down with this phrase, "Ugly, ugly, very ugly."  Stephanie is strong and independent.  She likes it and it's her ponytail.  The next day when she arrives at school her friends have all copied her by wearing ponytails off the back of their heads.  This bothers Stephanie, she doesn't like her friends copying her.  She continues to change her hairstyle and her friends continue to copy.  Stephanie announces ahead of time her next hairstyle and ends the copying when she doesn't follow through but her friends do.  This book had multiple places to stop and predict asking, "What do you think will happen next?"  My students found it very funny, they were engaged with the text and requested a reread today.

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